Dio Brando- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Dio- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Bridges were burned for this cosplay lol

So here's the story.

For this cosplay we went to 4 tailors who all looked at us with disbelief and refused to make the item. The 5th tailor took on the job, it ended up costing 4 times the amount. After they finished they said "No more".

Mad skills were needed for this item. The time it took to make this set is equal to them making 20 suits. This is mainly because we wanted something shiny and lightweight.

This is soooo gorgeous! I thanked them profusely. I hope time will change their mind but we may have to source a different material in the future.

Set includes: Jacket and pants.

PS. We have become the terror for tailors.

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