This was the first kimono cosplay we made here.

There were a lot of decisions to make from the design to the fabric.

For the design we ended up using a 2 piece set. Since the item is made to measurements, it comes nicely fitted and does not require much effort in draping. This is particularly helpful to those who do not have experience in wearing kimonos.

For the fabric we used cotton and taffeta. The cotton is light weight and soft, while the taffeta gives the skirt volume, to make it extra kawaii!

There are some changes I would make for the future. Like adding pockets to the skirt and changing to an attached collar.

As a designer there are many things to consider, I've been very lucky to have the valuable expertise from the tailor and seamstresses.

While this did take awhile to complete it help us solidify a design and now kimono/robes can be made at a much fast rate.


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