Toto- Deadman Wonderland

So it's not everyday that a cosplay maker comes to Hoi An.

There are bound to be difficulties. This item was not easy to make. 

There was complaining and pleading, (probably some blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes). This is mainly due to the embroidery on the sleeves. At one point we thought we'd compromise and have the details done by painting instead.

However after 4 hours the top was delivered with the embroidery. It ended up costing twice as much but I totally gasped when I saw it. It is so beautiful! I couldn't thank the tailor enough. They worked some incredible magic.

I'm not even sure if the tailor will be willing to make another one, fingers crossed...


Toto- Deadman WonderlandToto- Deadman WonderlandToto- Deadman WonderlandToto- Deadman Wonderland

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