A Very Special Dress

Sometimes there are dresses that you want to remember forever.

This is definitely one of them.

Every detail was well thought out.

You know that scene in The Queen's Gambit where Beth's in bed and she can see the chess board and pieces on the ceiling. That is what happens before a tailor falls asleep. The bolts of fabric are unravelled, the patterns pieces are drafted, placed on top of the fabric working out where each piece is to be place. How do you make the most of the fabric, how much fabric is needed to match the print.

It was about a week of mental processing before we could work out the amount of fabric and time needed to complete the item.

The result was a jaw dropping wow!

It is my pleasure to be able to be part of making this dress and we are so proud and happy to be made part of a customers special day.

Thank you for the wonderful memories set in fabric.


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