Coming Soon: Grand Opening

I've been fidgeting with the site for awhile. I'm terribly slow at it but it is getting there.

Also we've been focused on creating new and unique items. We are currently at 24 items. Did you know that the original SkyCreation site had nearly 300 items? This isn't including the items that had been discontinued. It was a labour of love through 10 years of work.

I get a lot of...will you bring back old items but because of the amount of items, it would be unfeasible to do so. If there is an item you'd like to make, please contact us and we will do our best to recreate it.

Once we reach 50 items there will be a grand opening. If you haven't already, please sign up for our mailing list, as there will be coupon for you 💕

Thank you for your support 🤗😘

Photo: All around Hoi An there are ladies that sell little souvenirs, all purchases include a souvenir. Your support in us also support them.

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