Custom Cosplay within 2 weeks: About Shipping

Hello Friends!

I've been busy working out the shipping costs. To my surprise surface mail is currently unavailable to most overseas destinations due to covid closures and delays.

This mean we are stuck with express airmail, the next surprise is that airmail is much quicker than Canada, arriving in 3-5 business days. The bad news is the cost it will be $50USD per item.

Being in the costume business and our busiest time at Halloween, I have had to turn down many orders due to time restraints. Now we are able to offer you the speediest custom cosplays available. 

You will actually be able to get a custom sized cosplay within 6-10 business days!

Need a cosplay ASAP? We've got you covered ❤️

Photo: Misery is in the production and it is sooo cute 😭

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