Stressin'.... a bit

So it's going to be a busier week than expected.

We are due for another visa run in which we had planned for a driver to take us to Lao Bao, walk across the boarder, passport stamped and then back to Vietnam. However I have not received my new visa, offspring 2 had received his but mine is still "processing". If it doesn't arrive by tomorrow I will likely have to go back to Bangkok, to buy myself sometime while I apply for another visa.

I'm pretty sure I filled the form out incorrectly because the form had changed slightly and because it kept bouncing back after I pushed submit, due to the file size.  I never get technology 🤦‍♀️

If you have placed an order, don't worry they will be fulfilled, as we are able to communicate with the tailor and seamstresses while we are away and we do have someone to help ship the items.

Photo:  Of the unexpected things to happen... I had gotten carried away with a manicure! I went to an ATM to get money out but because of my monster claws, I wasn't able to take the card out, so the ATM ate it. This is actually a good security feature as it has assumed you have forgotten your card. So there I am just staring at the machine. Thankfully this ATM was by the seamstress I work with, she called the bank and ended up rushing me to the closest branch. We only had 10 minutes before they closed, so there I was on the back of her motorbike, zipping around town. I will admit it is the first time I was breaking out in a cold sweat, it's usually from the heat. I didn't imagine this kind of excitement when I started my day.

In the end I had to go back the next day. The ladies saw my nails and figured out what had happened, we had a laugh. They got my card out of the ATM within 15 minutes and now I carry tweezers with me.

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