The Curveball

We've had a surprise over the weekend.

Harley, the pup who is the inspiration of GGP became a mom!

We didn't know that she was expecting, she's been in Canada with family, while we arranged for a pet transport. We weren't able to bring her as we didn't have a long term visa and also because we needed time to settle in, pet transport was also impossible due to covid closures.

This week our minds are only on Harley and the little one. I've been arranging for offspring 1 to go back to take care of them. We are happy and sad that we weren't able to be there for her but doing our best to stay calm. The plan now is that offspring will travel back with them in September.

In other events out Kickstarter has launched!

Please take a look and help us spread the news, it will help out the makers and also help us to bring you more projects and collaborations.



Update: Sadly puppy passed away before offspring made it back. We are very sad and will never forget you❤️ Harley is doing well. Once Harley saw offspring, she was back to her normal self, she is recovering nicely.



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