I'm not Vietnamese, I don't speak Vietnamese and have never been to Vietnam.

So when I told friends and family I was thinking about moving to Vietnam, they were confused to say the least.

To explain "Why Vietnam?" I would have to go back to "What type of company do I want SkyCreation to be?". I had to think beyond the money making part and think of its identity.

SkyCreation had been stuck in limbo, unable to expand. This is mainly because manufacturing in Canada is dead. It's nearly impossible to find the seamstresses and materials needed.  I have been fortunate enough to work with hobby sewers and sewing machine operators, but an actual seamstress/tailor I have never met.

The next viable option would be to find a manufacturer overseas. However this would be high risk considering I would have to order a large amount of clothing ahead in selected sizes. As far as I saw this had more disadvantages; as I have environment concerns, the treatment of labours and the exclusion of the art behind clothing manufacturing.  Canada is a fine example of what happens when the art and skill is taken away. Seamstresses and tailors are not replaceable, they need to be protected and respected.

I wanted to have a product that was better and more personal.

Then one day while I was watching travel vlogs on YouTube I discovered Hoi An, Vietnam. A small town in the centre of Vietnam.  Hoi An started as a trading port dating back to the 15th century. The entire town is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Vietnam was and still is one of the largest textile and garment producers in the world. In this town you will find remnants of this era, it is said that hundreds of seamstresses reside in Hoi An. Here you will be able to have custom fitted garments made for you in a day.

So to answer "Why Vietnam?".  I wanted to make a product that was custom to the wearer; custom size, colour and style. While being respectful to the art and it's creators. Finally environmentally responsible, sourcing local fabrics and natural fabrics when possible.

It seems like the answer to my problems but is it too good to be true? I can tell you that it's not everyday that a cosplay maker comes to town. However I have uprooted my family to do this, I'm sorta committed.

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