We are back from Thailand!

We had a great time in Bangkok, Thailand!

Bangkok is definitely the place to go for shopping and food. We didn't see any actual elephants and honestly I have zero desire to ride an elephant (or any animal for that matter) but the amount of elephant merch we got was a bit exorbitant lol. Elephant pants, bags, keychains... we got it all!

Of the things that happened...we had gotten in a taxi to go back to the hotel. On the way it started pouring and traffic had come to a halt. We moved 0.2km in 40 minutes! I actually fell asleep, which was the best nap I had in a long time. If my dad ever reads this "It's ok, offsprings were awake because they have a ton of mangas and anime downloaded on their phones." In the end the taxi driver said he'd pay us to not drive us lol. He drove us back to a transit station and it turns out the sky train is most reliable.

You know...you never hear about travel vloggers talk about how their feet are broken after days of endless walking? Do they know something I don't?

Now that we are back in Vietnam, we are ready to start working!  The first items have been posted and custom requests are also welcome. This weekend we will be taking photos of new items, so check back soon!


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